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Mix Speaker's INC! 8D

Yeah.. Just some MSI randomness... x'D

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Lol! The second picture surely wins! Also, the person who made that picture is kind of awesome for getting that face captured XDDD!


*gets bircked*


I think you should switch the pict for "Imagine Aya Naked" and "Imagine Seek Naked".

The reason? Aya looks like Gollum with better hair out of costume. Seek looks like this. Also, this. Yes, that's him. Just look a that face full of metal.

Then again I'm a huuuuuge Seek fangirl, and Aya kind of annoys me, so I'm not exactly biased.

LOL! the world needs more MSI love :D loved them~

I agree!! Let's start from taday!! xD

Все прикольно сделано!

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